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The Need for Speed

Did you know most visitors give up on websites needing more than 3 seconds to load?


We configure any relevant Jetpack features.


improve areas which are identified as potential sources of inefficiency.


We review all plugins to identify unused plugins that can be removed


We implement minification to improve your website efficiency

Performance Optimization

No matter what you want functionality you want to add to your website, there is a WordPress plugin out there that can do that for you.

But, this kind of convenience comes at a cost! With all the plugins you add to your WordPress website, chances are, that your website has become bloated and takes time that is painfully long enough to load. If that’s the case with you, we just wanted to let you know that we are here for you!

We Guarantee
Page Speed Results!

We have a versatile team of qualified professionals & developers who are at the top of their game and we can handle any task that you have for us. This is the reason why we guarantee our clients 90% plus result in Google PageSpeed Insights & a page speed load time of 2 seconds or less in GTMetrix.

After having optimized over a thousand WordPress websites, we are yet to find a website that we cannot optimize. So you can trust us with your website, and we guarantee that we will get it to load in under 2 seconds.

See The Results For
Yourself With Authentic Tools

We take your WordPress site speed score from 0 to 90+ without changing your theme, extensions, or server. With a lot of hard work, we have learned the best practices to move the WordPress page speed score in the 90s without making any major visual changes.

We consider the results of Google Pagespeed InsightsPingdom, & GTMetrix tools to ensure that irrespective of the measuring tool, your page doesn’t have any issues that cause loading time delay. We also make sure that the speed scores go a long way until you make any major site changes in the future.


Lots of different variables affect a website’s performance, so we perform a comprehensive
analysis of your site to maximize your potential performance.


We optimize the images on your web pages in a manner that doesn’t hamper the visual quality. We ensure that their resolution and size is the best fit for your website.


To reduce the CSS/JS delivery, we analyze which ones can be minimized while keeping all of the functions working properly on your website. Upon analysis, we minify the selected JS & CSS files.


We will help you set up a Content Delivery Network which will be helpful if you have a lot of daily visitors or a heavy website consisting of a lot of media.


We thoroughly examine every page which needs to be optimized for speed and take out all the blank spaces, unnecessary characters, unused/duplicate scripts, etc.


Cache-control header turns on client-side caching and sets the maximum age of a resource. Expires headers specify a point in time at which the resource shall no longer be valid.


We utilize the Gzip compression to reduce the overall size of your website and its various elements. Gzip is the most popular and effective compressing method.


We implement lazy loading features on critical pages to always deliver the most important content to visitors first.


If your hosting provider isn’t cutting the server response time, we’ll move your website to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment for free.

Chat with an Web Performance Expert

We’ll answer any questions you have and help explore how our website optimization team can help improve your website.





90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

70+ Google Mobile Speed Test

Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix

Same design and functionality

Detailed SEO Audit Report

Premium Plugin For Life Time



90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

70+ Google Mobile Speed Test

Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix

Same design and functionality

Detailed SEO Audit Report

Premium Plugin For Life Time



Everything in Presto plan

Minimum A Grade on Gtmetrix

Images Optimization

Configure a caching plugin

Disable unnecessary features

Cloudflare Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs that clears your doubts

  • For most websites we can complete all the work required within just 5 business days (1 week). Larger or more complex sites, such as e-commerce stores or blogs with tons of content, can some times take a bit longer.
  • Any website! We tend to focus a lot on optimizing WordPress website performance because a lot of our customers love using WordPress. That said, we can apply various optimization techniques to improve your page speed even if you use different software.
  • Because every website is different, it depends! We always benchmark performance at the start of the project, and then we compare the original page speed scores to those run after all the optimization work has been performed. Our goal is to see measurable gains and get your website as fast as possible with improvements to your software.
  • We thoroughly test every change we make for WordPress optimization. We assure you that it will not break your site. We will also perform complete website backup prior to starting. And in a very unusual case, if something goes wrong, we can easily go back to the backup instantly.
  • No, because we initially work in background. We create a preview mode that only works on a separate url and live site works as before. After the work is done we share that url with you so you can also check at your end. We also run the manual as well as automatic testing to make sure that there are no issues. We only make it live after your approval or as per your instructions.
  • Not at all! We don’t touch your design elements for WordPress performance optimization. However, if there are changes that we feel should be made, we’ll recommend them in the SOW, and it will be up to you to accept or deny them.
  • Of course, your web pages will load faster on mobile devices. We will optimize your website to perform well on mobile also.
  • Yes, we definitely can help you with any other issues related to your WordPress website. Our in-house WordPress experts will provide you end-to-end consultancy. Get in touch with us to know the charges for the same.
  • Our company policies protect us and our clients with confidentiality of a matter, you can invest your trust in us without a second thought not just because we’re saying so but because we have a considerable amount of knowledge in WordPress Speed Optimization and solid reviews from our clients. We have been trusted by websites that have thousands of visitors a day.
  • Contact us now, we are just one click away.